Simon Yam and Cyn

Simon Yam and CYNIt was my privilege to meet Simon Yam, a legendary actor of Hong Kong, and a very modest and nice person. Of his huge number of films – many were directed by Johnny To, to whom he credited a lot of his success when we were talking at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards several years ago! However, Simon Yam is a great actor and it’s not ALL thanks to the great Johnny To.  It was the year of their film,”Sparrow”, which is a very charming and humourous film about a gang of bungling pick-pockets in Hong Kong.  I loved that film.
(caption by Cynthia Webb. Photo taken by some kind person at The Asia Pacific Screen Awards, several years ago)

About cynephilia

Lifetime student of and devourer of international Cinema. Artist, teacher, traveller - especially to my "other home", Java, Indonesia. Features writer for 14 years, for The Jakarta Post, national English language daily newspaper. I was born in New Zealand, but lived in Queensland, Australia since 1970. My profound link with Indonesia began in 1983, when visiting Bali (then an island of arts and of inspiration for an artist), and then again in 1994 when a visit to Yogyakarta, Java, began a process of that town and it's warm people becoming another home and extended family for me. Yogyakarta is the Artistic capital of Indonesia, and so it was the place for me. In 2000 I became a regular contributor about the arts for The Jakarta Post, and cinema, my lifetime passion, later began to become my focus for writing. The advent of The Asia Pacific Screen Awards, (APSA) in South East Queensland, launched in 2007 gave me opportunities to meet some the great film-makers of Asia, and see their amazing work. APSA is a kind of "Oscars" for the Asia-Pacific Region.
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